BBD stands for Broad Bean Dog and is a collection of 8,888 generative art pieces.

BBD carries the flags of countries around the world and delivers healing to the world.

Please help us bring healing to the world.


In Japan, the number 8 has the meaning of expanding towards the end and is considered a happy number.

BBD, the world's first NFT praying for peace, has created 8,888 pieces in the hope that it will spread around the world and heal people.


IN 2024

Start producing and distributing the animation


Planet Broad Bean is formed by many people who support BBD PROJECT.

BBD is indiscriminate and flies around the world flying the flags of various countries.

Those who own BBD and the inhabitants of the planet Broad Beans have the right to speak on the BBD PROJECT and can be involved in the creation of the animated story.

The ultimate goal of BBD PROJECT is to create world-class animation as the first NFT to wish for world peace, bring healing to people all over the world, and pursue happiness for all humankind.

Please lend us your strength.